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COVID Sucks. 2021 Edition.

We, like most all of you, have been more or less operating on a "fluid" basis this year, again, the website update may or may not have kept getting put on the back burner.

For 2021, we are at a single location due to nationwide shipping delays and shortages preventing us from receiving enough merchandise in time for the 4th, in addition to a few other circumstances beyond our control.

Please visit us this year at our Georgetown, IN location!

Please note- stock is *extremely* limited this year nationwide due to the ongoing shipping crisis, production shortages/delays, and the fact that most every fireworks retailer sold out last year. We have managed to get in a decent amount of cakes (multi-aerial repeaters) and many of the most popular smaller items, but we have almost no reloadable shells or assortments.

Hours are listed below, but may be slightly variable on opening and closing times depending on stock and the owner's notorious lack of punctuality.

Saturday 7/3


Sunday 7/4




Monday 7/5




The brand new Full Product Catalog is.. not going to make it for 2019 it seems.


  • Locally-owned!

  • Depending on location, FULL LINE catalog including everything from novelties up to the biggest, baddest artillery shells allowed by law!

  • GUARANTEED Lowest Prices!

  • We MATCH all verifiable competitor coupons!

If you have any other questions, hit us up on, submit a form below, or call us directly at (502) 241-4428!

Thanks for submitting! Someone will reach out soon!

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